Tour Truck

Our Portable workshop is fully equipped with all of Golfstix services. 
From lessons to accessories, club fitting and cub making to corporate days we are set to do it all. 
If fresh grass under your feet is what you prefer, we have offsite locations visited weekly to service you. 

Club Fitting

Be the smart golfer that you are and get professionally fitted!

Golfstix provides personalised one on one fitting sessions with a qualified certified professional club fitter to ensure the best possible outcome for you.

FlightScope Launch Monitor, Club Inspections and Assessments, Swing Weighting and MOI matching,  Golf Club Video Analysis Software, Comprehensive golf club testing equipment, Shaft Profiling

Golf Repairs

There are many reasons why your clubs may need to be repaired.
At Golfstix we understand your clubs can take a hit or two and should be looked after with a maintenance program to suit your playing frequency. Golfstix can help keep your clubs maintained by giving annual inspections with your local Golf Professional to ensure that your clubs are performing at their best.

Eg; if you play golf 3 times a week and spend time practicing as well you would probably ned to have your grips changed every 12 months.

Giving your clubs a clean after each game and storing your clubs out of the elements allows you to make the most of your grips in between changes. The condition of your grips is vital for your golfing performance as old grips can produce tension in your hands and arms which in turn will change the way you swing the club.

The services that we provide for club repairs and maintenance include:

Club Inspections and Assessments,
Re-Gripping, Re-Shafting, Club Adjustments (Loft and Lie), Putter Adjustments, Lengthening and Shortening, Club Head Repairs, Club Cleaning, Sole Grinding and Shaping

Golf Equipment & Accessories

At Golfstix, we have a huge range of drivers, fairway clubs, hybrids, forged and cast irons, wedges, putters, shafts and grips.
You won’t be sold clubs not suited for YOU.
Do not let the term CUSTOM MADE, CUSTOM FIT scare you into thinking that it comes with a hefty $$$ tag.
Our clubs are affordable with our main focus on quality and performance.