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Advanced PGA Professional Coach

Grips, Accessories, Golf balls, Golf bags


Heads, Shafts, Ferrules, Covers

Tools and equipment to build and repair on the spot

What Our Clients Say

I got a so called driver fitting at a leading retailer oh boy I was so Sales repped The only fairway I could hit was 50 meters to the side of me. Met Greg & Marie got a new shaft and now hitting further and straighter. Don’t waste your your money on new clubs until you have spoken to these guys

Paul Reddings

A Great experience from the moment I walked in. Greg & Marie are the nicest people you could meet & professional. I was fitted with a set of FF irons & what a difference. I’m now hitting longer & straighter.

Geoff Wilson

Very happy with my new club, would highly recommend golfstix the service they provide is excellent

Stuart Morris