Golf Technology

Golf Technology

We use the latest technology and equipment for club fitting and coaching. Our equipment includes, Swing catalyst software with multiple high speed cameras and pressure plate for presise and exact golf swing analysis. This technology is intergrated with FlightScope dopler radar that accurately records the action of your golf club and your golf ball.



Golf swing coaching at Golfstix is performed in both an indoor hi-tech studio and mobile Tour Van. Every studio lesson uses the swing catalyst hi-speed camera and pressure plate system to accurately analyse your golf swing. Your swing is based on your body type, your strength and flexibility.

Club Fitting

Fitting and Building

There are two phases associated with Club Fitting.
Phase 1: Master Club Fitting

Phase 2: Master Club Building

Equip yourself to win

All in the Tour Truck for YOU we have

Advanced PGA Professional Coach

Master Club Fitter – World Listed in Top 100

Latest Computer Analysis Technology

No.1 Custom Clubs in the World using KZG

What Our Clients Say

I went form being frustrated with any new set of clubs I bought to being over the moon with the feel and suited to me the clubs made by GolfSTIX.

Jarrod Wilkes

I just couldn’t sort my slice until GolfSTIX and the PGA coach analysed me with their experience and Flight scope technology – Thanks guys my slice has been reduced hugely.

Antony Casali