Perth Golf Club Fitting is now known as Golfstix. Here we can deliver to you the many benefits from being professionally fitted for your golf clubs.

The number one benefit is consistency,  as this is the main component of golf that players are searching for.

Golfstix (PGCF) specialises in Club Fitting, Club Making and Coaching for all levels of golfers. We are a member of the top 100 International Professional Association of Club fitters worldwide using the latest technology and equipment.

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SPECIALISINg in Sales, Repairs and Fitting


Have your clubs built and checked onsite not sent away by A Master Club Builder.


Get Fit Not Sold!


Club Care


Long Game
Short Game
The Mind Game

STAte of the art – indoor studio


The use of high technology is essential/necessary in the Modern way of Clubfitting, Club Making and Coaching. Without these elements everything else is just guesswork

Private ONE on one Lessons 

The two main things that golfers are looking for are consistency and control. Golf consistency is made up of 4 main parts control of the ball, control of the club, control of the body and most importantly control of the mind. In most cases golfers start at the opposite end of the learning process and begin with trying to control the ball. In order to achieve control of your body, club and ball, first of all you need to have good understanding of the concepts of what happens in a golf swing.

Golf Club Repairs

There are many reasons why your clubs may need to be repaired. After a period of use your clubs need to be inspected in order to be maintained. You should have your clubs checked regularly by your local Golf Professional to ensure that your clubs are performing at their best. For example if you play golf three times a week and spend time practicing as well you would probably need to have your grips changed every 12 months. The condition of your grips is vital for your golfing performance as old grips can produce tension in your hands and arms which in turn will change the way you swing the club.

The services that we provide for club repairs and maintenance include:

  • Club Inspections and Assessments
  • Re-Gripping
  • Re-Shafting
  • Club Adjustments (Loft and Lie)
  • Swing Weighting
  • Putter Adjustments
  • Lengthening and Shortening
  • Club Head Repairs
  • Club Cleaning
  • Sole Grinding and Shaping

as part of every fitting we provide

FlightScope Launch Monitor

This Hi Tech equipment uses a 3D Doppler Radar system To track all the performance  haracteristics of the golf ball and the clubhead through impact with the golf ball through the course of your golf swing.

Video Analysis Software

This is a visual observation of your golf swing through high speed cameras and high tech pressure plate using sophisticated software to analyse the results of your action.

golf club testing equipment

This equipment is very rare in the golf industry. We use electronic frequency analysers, shaft profilers, swing weight matching, super accurate loft and lie machines and digital weight scales etc so your clubs can be built exactly to your clubfitting specifications. Again without this equipment, club building is all guesswork!

About greg Ashton 

Greg Ashton is the owner and master clubfitter and club maker of Perth Golf Club Fitting in Perth Western Australia. Greg is a AAA rated member of the PGA of Australia and has been for 40 years, with this experience and knowledge in golf club fitting and coaching he has the ability to give you the best possible service for your golfing needs.

In addition to his PGA education he continues to update his knowledge and experience which includes the following certifications and qualifications:

  • PGA of Australia AAA Rated Golf Coach
  • Member of IPAC (Internation Professional Association of Clubfitters)
  • Member of IPAC Worlds Top 100 Clubfitters
  • KZG Qualified Master Clubfitter
  • Master Club Performance Certificate with Mitchell Golf Institute Ohio USA
  • Certified Club Repair Technician with Mitchell Golf Institute Ohio USA
  • Shaft Performance Technology Certificate with Mitchell Golf Institute Ohio USA
  • Club Performance Fitting Certificate with Mitchell Golf Institute Ohio USA
  • Certified Putter Performance Fitter with Mitchell Golf Institute Ohio USA
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
  • Certificate III in Sports and Recreation