Here at Golfstix, we take the time to analyse your swing and fit you for what works best for you. Each club is Custom Made and specifications are checked and noted.
Your clubs are made in house at Golfstix by a Master Clubmaker, not by a “Day shift, line 2” production line assembly. Also there is minimal time between fitting and playing your first game on the golf course with your Custom Built golf set.

As you may have read, industry statistics are disappointing: 62% of golfers report that they have been “custom fit” yet statistics report 92% of all golfers are still playing with ill-fitting clubs.  

Just about every golfer knows that they should be playing Custom Fit and Master Built clubs if they want to improve and play their best.  The challenge is finding a qualified Professional Master Club Fitter that is highly skilled, experienced and who won’t break the bank.