Many People believe that as soon as something is custom made it comes with a heavy price tag. In actual fact, most customers who walk through our doors that have bought off the rack or second hand clubs, spend more money correcting their clubs to suit them, than what it would cost to get Greg at Golfstix to custom fit and tailor to your swing and capabilities.

Below are some common questions asked when considering a new purchase:

“A custom fitting costs more than buying off the rack”.
It’s true that a proper custom fitting requires tools, a fitting studio, and a trained professional. We actually prefer to take the time with our customers to custom fit them properly so we can demonstrate our true advantage and the difference a custom fit makes. When you leave with your custom built clubs, you have the assurance that what’s in your bag will now allow you to play the golf that you want.

“Fittings are only for the advanced golfer”
Fittings are important for every golfer. In fact, the less skilled player actually has less of an ability to make the necessary compensations for poorly fit equipment. So it might actually be MORE important for the average or novice golfer to be custom fit.

“I got fitted by “XYZ Golf” ten years ago, so I know my specs”
Like most technologies, those used in fittings have come a long way over the last few years. Combine this with changes in club technology and the likelihood that your game has changed in some way and it’s only logical to assume that a person should be custom fit and custom built each time they purchase a club.

Playing better golf is a complete package. It’s about practicing smarter, sharpening your mind, making adjustments to your swing, and yes your equipment is a major part of it.

The Club fitting process includes:

  • Club Inspections and Assessments
  • Swing Weighting and MOI matching
  • FlightScope Launch Monitor
  • Golf Club Video Analysis Software
  • Comprehensive golf club testing equipment
  • Shaft Profiling

It is important to have your clubs custom built to the specifications of your fitting and not just trying to fix your old set.

Be the smart golfer that you are and get professionally fitted so you can Play the golf of your dreams with custom made golf clubs following your custom fitting by your Master Club Builder Greg Ashton.